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November 19, 2007



I was told over a month ago that my position was being eliminated and, as of December 3rd, I will be out of a job.

The timing is terrible, yes. The silver lining is the opportunity to start over.


Aw, sweetie. That's awful. There's something very mean-spirited about sacking someone right before the holidays. Seems like a very tacky way of not giving someone a year-end bonus.

Can you temp or get a holiday retail job in the meantime? That would at least give you some income and structure.


Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. But it sounds like you're doing well with taking the "fresh start" approach. Good luck ... I'm sure you'll find a great opportunity (and your sense of humor) soon!

Dagny T.

Well I'm happy to hear about the positive outlook and potential for "life improvements" as it were, but sorry to hear that it's coming now. The timing's pretty awful, but I admire your attitude very much!

that former roommate still looking for gainful employment

never underestimate the power of a macaroni necklace. seriously.

Michael J. West


You know if there's anything we can do...


Hang in there. I work in HR, and that has to be the worst timing. Right before Thanksgiving? What were they thinking?? :-(

Recovering Overachiever

Oh, I'm so sorry. I hope it all works out.

I'm in a similar position in that we've got very low employee morale in my department and no one is happy, so I totally understand the inability to be funny. I feel exactly the same.


Oh dear...sorry to hear this. I am sure you will get something better and look back on this as a stroke of luck, but I know that doesn't make it any easier to endure.

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