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December 15, 2008



And I thought my girlfriend and I were the only ones with the shaved legs/ clean house theory. It never fails...

Fiery Nuggets

I think we had the same weekend. Minus the financial difficulty. And can NYE be any more of a harbinger of stress and lonliness??


Girl, I think our coffee date is overdue!
=-) And for the record, I have eaten at FFs three times and each time, I had great food. The grilled cheese/tomatoe soup was fantastic, as was the carrott cake. I will agree w/you that the service leaves a lot to be desired...


I hate when weekends are a bust like that. And seriously, who invites to a dinner party and then doesn't respond with details when the hour arrives? I hope you got a bigass apology the next day...


ugh, I feel your annoyance. However, I love that you gave the cabbie an earful. It gave you a completely captive audience and him, something exciting to focus on.
This time of year is annoying simply because of the fact that if you aren't ecstatic about reveling in mugs of hot cocoa, sleighrides and quaint family get-togethers, then you are the grinchiest of all creatures. Not to mention I know exactly no one who experiences any of these things come Christmas. But goddammit, every year your supposed to YEARN for it. What if we all just hung out, had a beer and watched the Gilmore Girls? The world would still keep turning, I bet.



Allow me to offer a guy's perspective on the drinks buying thing. We do like to imagine that if a girl talks to us it's something more than just seeing us as a free drink. So if that was your goal, and the guy sensed it, that may have been the problem.

I have no idea what the shaved legs/clean apartment issue is about though... generally we appreciate the legs and don't notice the apartment. :)


Alex: Actually, it wasn't the sole goal of the night to have drinks bought. My empty bank account and (then) fragile ego just thought it might have been a nice idea. I didn't even converse with any gentlemens that night so the opportunity to be evaluated as a shameless drink whoring hussy was nill.

As for the shaved legs/clean apartment thing: It's all about tempting fate. It's not about shaving & cleaning and getting a guy to your house and then him rejecting you. It's more like, if you do those things, the chances of you going out and meeting somebody worthy of enjoying either is like, nill.


Ah yes, it's about expectations then. If you are expecting something, it won't happen. It's actually kind of zen like (you can't have something until you learn not to want it) but in the day-to-day it can seem more like a cruel joke.

Anyway, may 2009 bring you many drinks bought at unexpected but welcome moments.

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