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March 24, 2009




You have to be kidding. That's so messed up.

You are a pretty, pretty princess, so I'm glad you're not losing any sleep over someone who is clearly not worth it.


Ahh, "he isn't being nice to you to begin with". I have had those moments...they suck. What a doink. I am sorry.


Sweetie, I am always happy to stroke your hair and make an ass of myself for you. All you have to do is ask. Or, really, try and stop me.


WHAT IS HIS NAME?!?! We'll ruin him!


What a douche! I am so sorry, Darling. But I must say you handled that situation way better than I would have. I can see me either going out of my way to make things very uncomfortable for him and said date ("Oops, it was an accident. I didn't mean to spill red wine on you - I was bumped, I swear!") or leaving the bar altogether b/c I wouldn't be able to form a sentence. Kudos to you (and your friends) for epitomizing grace under pressure...and for the sending him the amoeba text :) Still laughing at that!

restaurant refugee

Good on ya for handling this as well as you did.

It's not that we don't know that we deserve better and should ultimately be grateful for this asshattery. It's that it takes a minute (or a day or so) for everything to catch up with that cognitive awareness.

Ms. Florida Transplant

You handled this so much better than I would have...

Fiery Nuggets

You did good! Low expectations to begin with lead to no surprise when expectations are not met. AND -- f'in a right! -- he's not worth the energy.

No compromise!


holy crap. almost two weeks ago, the SAME THING, happened to one of my girlfriends. only she chose the opposite reaction and pretty much lost her shit at the bar. completely understandable, of course.

effing douchebags.

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