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June 26, 2008



Old School crushes are my favorite! My 10th grade crush gets thicker and greasier every year (and nicer to me - one time at a college party he drunkenly offered me a cigarette! hooray!), but the memory of his amazing smile every time I got to peer edit his paper in English just keeps me fantasizing...:)


Wow...I hadn't thought about my first crush in a long time until I read this. Mine was in the 6th grade...tall, dark hair, brooding and smart. We shared a few strange looks over the chocolate milk case in the cafeteria, and that was that.

I haven't seen or heard about him since I was a senior and he inexplicably showed up outside of my house in the classic-of-all classic boy cars, Mustang, to hang out with my younger brother (which of course vexed me to no end as a 17 year-old), but I will never forget how suddenly life changed when I realized I liked him, this boy who had previously only been some tall geek.

the last spartan

I understand completely. I had the added dimension of being in a high school that was large enough that you could hide from someone who rejected you. Well, sort of.

It's an awkward time but sometimes the nostalgia of it can still be sweet. Very nice post. I enjoyed reading it.

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