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April 09, 2009


Fiery Nuggets

That sounds just about like what I have done when looking for a job while still employed (with the exception of the petulance). I think you are well positioned to take her job when she leaves (given that you attended the meeting she missed).


I'd say number 4 is the biggest indicator of all. It doesn't sound like she will be missed much.

Oh, and not sure if I've delurked before but anyway, Hi There!


I had the opportunity to interview for her job late last year and declined. I think I would decline again. I'm not sure I'm ready to run a 7 person team.

Welcome, Susan! I always love a delurker!

Just A Girl

I'm with Susan - number 4 is a huuuge sign that she's interviewing for a job. Or she doesn't care about her current one and is having an affair with someone who has a thing for business suits.


I'm with you. Buuuut... could you possibly have her job, then? Cause that might be all kinds of awesome...


Sounds like what happened at our weekly staff meeting the day before our contract announcement last month.

During the meeting the boss made clear the point that through sick time and vacation we were costing the company money by not billing the client (yeah, inspiring). Fast forward to him coming out of a meeting seven hours later and a half hour before quitting time and he tells us to go home because "It doesn't really matter any more."

Can you say foreshadowing? Yeah, the next day we all got the word we'd lost the contract and would be out of work in 10 days.

Best thing that ever happened to me, work-wise anyway. I say go for her job, you never know what you can do until you try.


certainly sounds like it... in fact, it sounds like things I'll be doing over the next few weeks... hmmmmmm

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