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April 14, 2009


Just A Girl

A-freaking-men. Yes, I'm "still" single but that means I can still leave laundry piled on the couch and still not wash my hair on the weekends if I don't feel like it and still not shave my legs every day and still share my bed with my dogs instead of pushing them to the floor because there's not enough room.

I'm totally ok with that.


Hrm, I was single, then I wasn't, then I got divorced. So instead of "still" single, I must be "recurrently" single. Or incorrigibly so?


Yes. It also fails to capture the fact that Sally could have had a series of fulfilling relationships in her life, and those relationships ran their course. "Still" makes it sounds like her life has been totally stagnant and without any romantic success. So, yes, I'll support your cause.

restaurant refugee

I prefer the term Certified Previously Owned with Extended Warranty Single.

positively present

AWESOME!!! I've never thought much about it before, but that whole word "still" is just terrible. It makes it seem like single people won't be complete, and won't be done waiting for their lives to begin, until after they've made themselves part of a two-person team. ABSURD.

You might find my post on self-love songs interesting. Check it out at


"Still" implies that everyone who is "still single" is looking to not be single anymore. I'm not sure that is the case. Plenty of people are happily single, and as you point out, happier than those who coupled up for the wrong reasons or who stay for the wrong reasons.




but isn't your definition of single as "not tied down" just as dismissive/judgmental of the positive benefits of being in a relationship as calling a person "still single"? I feel more free in my relationship for various reasons. I don't know... if the people you know in relationships are using that demeaning vernacular, don't judge us all..., that's their own insecurity.


em, that whole paragraph was a tongue-in-cheek...


I have a family thing this weekend involving my dad, two sisters, two brothers, two brothers-in-law, two sisters-in-law and eight of the 10 grand children. I'm beginning to understand how Lee felt at Appomattox: "I'd rather face a thousand deaths."


Perhaps you should just start referring to your married friends as "still married". Then get to point out the fact that they haven't yet gotten a divorce.


Norf, that's genius and just snarky enough to work.


I loved this post so much that I would ask to marry you if I weren't currently enjoying the stillness and peace of being single. Reminds me of Yeats' Lake Isle of Innisfree, my favorite poem! Wonderful!

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