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April 22, 2009



Wonderfully said.

A talented and trustworthy seamstress is worth her weight in gold. I have yet to find a pair of pants (off the rack) in my lifetime that fits both my waist and my hips.


Sometimes I wonder who has an easy time finding clothes that fit - I sure don't. I mostly have to raid the juniors department.


I'm not sure if I dress down partially because my life never takes me anywhere fancier, or if my life never takes me anywhere fancier because I dress down.


I've often said I buy clothes and makeup for a life I don't lead.

You admitted the dress fit you perfectly, that alone is worth it. Don't second guess yourself...though I doubt you are anymore.


Glad you bought the dress I'm sure you'll kill in it.

The funny thing is, finding clothes that fit well and look good is not just a problem for the 5'2" and "pleasingly hourglassy." Those of us in the 6'2" barrel chesty and 54L catagory also have to have a good tailor in the rolodex.

Just A Girl

I'm 5'3" and only in the last couple of years have I started to get the curves I wanted forever. My problem is more that I'm still in that post-college phase where I don't feel quite grown up enough for the women's section but too old for juniors. And everything is always too long.

I work in the same building as this woman who's probably my age, but she's also about 5'10", has perfect hair, a perfect body, and is always perfectly dressed. Every time I walk out behind her I feel stumpy and fat. I would have bought the dress too, if only to not have that feeling.

Fiery Nuggets

Good job being a grown up! I am totally with you in the "I dress down because it's easy and I have no reason to dress up" category. And also in the "everything I buy needs to be tailored" category. I've not yet committed. Still have trouble just getting things dry cleaned.

Lost Artist

I am in the exact same position (and shape). I too have recently come to terms with the fact that a good tailor is a necessity, and I found one I liked. Good for you. Sometimes the right little black dress is all it takes.


I *know* I need a good tailor... but first I need to be able to afford to buy clothes worth tailoring. Sigh.

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