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April 13, 2009



Oh, my. Last year I got a picture of a man in tighty-whities and a wifebeater (the two least fortunate male garments). That was bad enough. Not sure how I'd react to a weenie pic.

However, excellent use of the word, "tumescent."


Ew. In general, I give online dating a big FAIL.

restaurant refugee

So sorry about that - I thought you would like the picture.


Ugh! Moments like that you wish you could reply something like, "if that's all I were packing, I wouldn't be flashing it around."

At least he saved you some time-- usually it takes me multiple hours of my life (if not weeks or months) to learn what a jerk someone is.


This would be way better if you had posted the pictures too.


Wow. I guess he figured on a site called, he should at least display some, but seriously? You are far nicer than me because I'm sure I'd of emailed him back with a few choice words. F*cktard doesn't even begin to cover it!

Fiery Nuggets

What is disconcerting is that he used this method and, therefore, has likely had success in the past. WTF ladies of Self-respect much?


I know what you mean. I have sworn off online dating and in general. It's really hard to find someone in a city.


I dabbled in the online dating arena but it was idiots like this that turned me off faster than a light switch.

I had pretty much given up on dating and finally started enjoying being single and finding myself then low and behold, the perfect man stumbled into my life. We've been together for 2.5 years and many more to come. Funny what you find when you aren't looking.


oh wow, come join shannon and me on our mancation


Not that I'm excusing the idiot, but I've always been under the impression was just for people looking to hook up, not serious dating. I'm not a huge fan of online dating, but I've met a few decent guys that way. Maybe try something with a better reputation?


Didi: Not necessarily. Nerve is the site that feeds into the Onion, Salon and a few other "alt pubs." You can very clearly state whether you're looking for dating, play, long-term relationship, etc. While it does attract a less "mainstream" personality, Nerve is by no means purely a hookup site. Also, my profile makes it pretty clear that I'm not looking purely for a hookup. Moreover, having been on other sites I can say with great authority that online dating doesn't attract the sort of man I'd be inclined to date. But I'm glad you've been more successful.

Zip: No thanks, but I expect a postcard.

Susan: I'm happy for you that you found happiness in a relationship.

FN: Yeah, weird.

Ryane: I didn't want to encourage him further.

J: I don't our IT departments would like that much. Oh, wait...

MG: Yes, true. Online dating is a great method of learning who you shouldn't be with--i.e guys, who online date.

RR: Next time try flowers.

B: EPIC fail.

Shann: Thanks, perhaps a career as a smutty novelist is in my future.


A few years ago - before I completely gave up on online dating after the e-mail from the crematory owner who liked to dress up as an imperial officer from "Star Wars" while working - I got a graphic boudoir glamor shot as a "bonus" from some dude named Thor. He proudly displayed, uh, Thor's "hammer" in all it's glory and soft focus (complete with a mural of the hills of Rome in the background!!) A friend was visiting from my Midwestern hometown when this nightmare arrived. She took one look at it and said, "Omigod, that's Thor XXX-son - I went to Lutheran summer camp with him!" We sent Thor an e-mail suggesting that the only things he should nail are theses to doors.


Okay…wow. The thing about Match, at least, is that when someone emails me, I can only see the pictures they’ve put on their profile. And those pictures have been screened by Match staff before they’re published. I’ve been contacted a few times by people who said they’re going to be in DC on business, but at least I don’t have to deal with nude photos. Insanity!


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Jan @ Struck by Serendipity

WHY WHY WHY do guys think we want to see them naked online?

LA Cochran

I could have sworn I left a comment here. Was it offensively kill worthy or am I technologically addled? (Or both?)

Online Dating

lol... funny story... better luck next time

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