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September 14, 2009


LA Cochran

My experience with H Street is that the proprietors definitely want you there. They're grateful for the business.


"Living there doesn't mean that you're a certain kind of person any more than living in Columbia Heights means that you're a gang member or a yuppie."


The week before we moved to CH I read this incredibly offensive post from a NOVA blog about how everyone living here is a yuppie wanna be hipster, and that the BURBS are really where it's at. Look, to each their own, but sweeping generalizations like that immediately invalidate any point you might have had, same as your friend there.

That said, I love me some H Street, especially some Granville Moore's. We should go back with a big crew just to piss 'em off. Popped collars required. :-)


Couple nits to pick:

1) how can someplace be "less accessible by foot?" The raven hasn't moved to my knowledge... :)

2) Yuppies live in Columbia Heights? I thought we were firmly established as a place where only Hipsters live. Yuppies live in Cleveland Park! Die yuppie scum!

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, I entirely agree. Fortunately, I have always been careful to live in "transitional" neighborhoods. This means that I am always in the position of making fun of everyone else who has lived there for any period of time that's less than I have, or does not live there. Like, when I lived in Mt. Pleasant, after a year, I could mock the newcomers who'd only been there for six months, and after five years, there might as well have been a street named after me.

Oh, umm, oops, just kidding. Really!!

I actually have always embraced "visitors" to neighborhood establishments. The attitude is so lame and short-sighted, since none of the businesses on H street could survive without lots of people from OTHER NEIGHBORHOODS and (gasp) across the river patronizing them. The next time that happens, I'd suggest the following responses:

1) I can't believe you actually hang out here, the Argonaut. It's both trendy and so two years ago. Sell-out. I only came because I had to meet someone.

Depending on their age and your estimation of how long they've lived around there....

2) When I moved to Cleveland Park, back when you were growing up in Fairfax, it was so dangerous that the cops were scared to go there so fuck off.

3) Yeah, I am a rich yuppie from Cleveland Park! I would be glad to share the wealth and buy you a drink, but I don't believe in supporting the bad habits of unemployed drunk street urchins.

4) Nice to meet you! Enjoy it here while you can, because I'll be buying your foreclosed home next year.

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