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January 13, 2010



On the other hand, the recession has produced candidates for IT positions who actually speak English. You still have to weed through a thousand resumes/interviews to figure out which ones those are, but when times were good, you didn't expect to find such a thing at all.


Great! Perhaps they'll impart their mastery of the language to the other professionals of your IT dept. Snap! Just kidding. I'm more concerned with some of the peeps elsewhere. Kidding again. Or am I?

Foggy Dew

I just hired someone a couple of months ago and it was the most brutal process. For what was basically a step above an entry-level position, I had some guy who was a GS-15 apply. Seriously, my boss' boss' boss is a GS-15, not one of my PR specialists. Also, to all the job seekers out there, this is a buyer's market, you ain't gonna be making nearly what you were making at the job you got laid off from. Companies know this, take it into account when they ask you your salary requirements. Bite the bullet, get the job, maybe get a raise after a couple of months of kick-ass work.

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