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May 21, 2010


Foggy Dew

I too have avoided the cult of the iPhone...until very recently. My aging RAZR is, well, aging and in dire need of replacing. I don't facebook or care about apps, but I want, I want, I want an iPhone. Just because. But I'll wait till the new version comes out later this summer. Then, maybe, my 12-year-old nephew will stop making fun of my phone.


God, how I loved my Razr phone. It was hot pink and soo f'ing cool. Iphones are cool, but for 100 dollars a month? I am not yet convinced it's worth the steep price of upkeep. New version. Good to know. Perhaps I too will hold off for now...


I've had an Iphone for a couple of years, and while it's true that there are 50 gazillion apps for it, there are only 3 or 4 which are truly useful. And those you can get on any smartphone.

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